HP Stream 7 - Fix Auto Rotation and Windows Button on Windows 10


February, 24 2017

HP has updated drivers that are compatible with the Stream 7 and no longer requires the manual registry fix outlined below.  Please download the latest drivers from HP by navigating to HP.com > Support > Software & Drivers

The HP Stream 7 is a handy little device.  Truth be told I bought it to experiment with Windows 10 so as soon as Windows 10 was available I jumped.  Unfortunately, a clean install of Windows 10 resulted in a lack of auto rotation of the screen and a nonfunctional physical windows button at the bottom of the tablet.  I was able to resolve both by installing a couple packages from HP.com and tweaking the registry.

This article serves as a general tutorial to outline the process that I followed to great success. Please be aware that you should have enough experience to install driver packages and edit the registry before attempting. Following this process of installing software and modifying the system's registry could render the device inoperable if not done correctly. I will assume no responsibility for the use of this information and will assume no liability for damages that result from the use of the information provided on this site. You must evaluate, and bear all risks associated with, the use of any Content on this site, including any reliance on the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of such Content.

Head over to HP.com > Support > Download Drivers section.  Then search for your Stream 7.  You’ll need to change the Operating System to Windows 8.1 until they fully support Windows 10 and download the following:

Kionix G-Sensor Enabling Driver

Intel Chipset, Graphics, Camera and Audio Driver Pack

I also installed the update for the “Goodix Touch Controller Driver” without issue, but I do not believe this helped solve either of the issues that this article seeks to resolve.

Install both packages and perform the requested restarts.  When you install the Kionix driver you may notice that the screen starts to rotate. For a second you may get excited like I did until you notice the rotation is inverted.  Then a little less excited.

You’ll need to tweak the registry to basically calibrate windows to the Stream 7’s implementation of the Kionix sensor.  Lucky for you I’ve already done the trial and error on the hex configuration and will include it below.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\ROOT\SENSOR\0000\Device Parameters\kxfusion]

Copy the above lines in the code block above and paste them into Notepad, save it as a file called FixRotate.reg (or whatever you want .reg) and then run it.  It will prompt you about the serious nature of editing the registry and if you choose to continue it will write the two entries into the registry to configure the sensor rotation to the HP Stream 7.  If you reboot you’ll find that your device now rotates as I should.

I hope this helps you quickly and easily get to enjoying your Stream 7 with Windows 10!